Launch your product with Discovery Phase


Discovery Phase is a bridge that connects theoretical product concept and its technical implementation. Being a mandatory development stage, it identifies and analyzes business goals and user-specific actions with the final product.


Got an idea?

We will work through your idea: analyze the context, test hypotheses, formalize requirements.

We will assist you with engaging stakeholders and securing funding.

Got a ready product?

We will shape the new functionality vision, compare it with competitors, identify growth milestones, help you to reinforce the product and compete for leadership.


Mind Map

Visualization of business requirements and constraints

At this stage we:

  • Visualize new product ideas or features.
  • Define development priorities.
  • Identify possible process issues.
  • Elaborate idea/feature details.
  • Define and align features relationships.

User Stories

Descriptions of feature solutions

At this stage we:

  • Determine important features and separate them from the insignificant, focusing on product goals and values.
  • Measure and analyze whether the goals are achieved: when correctly set, the goals are clear and measurable.
  • Plan the project and ensure everything is set for the start.

User Flow

User-interface interaction scheme

At this stage we:

  • Develop and present screens configuration, and elaborate the proposed user path.
  • Help you to understand the realistic development scenario.
  • Introduce User Flow as the following product development specification.


App screens design

At this stage we:

  • Demonstrate product appearance and its potential functionality.
  • Establish proposed research basis.
  • Prepare the presentation pitch for interested parties.
  • Shape prospective work basis.


Project plan

At this stage we:

  • Plan project strategy and outline key goals and objectives.
  • Create prospective growth and scaling map.


Preliminary project estimates

At this stage we:

  • Determine optimal project team.
  • Estimate project or its parts’ timing.
  • Estimate project and launch сosts.

Competitor analysis

Competitive analysis of product features and functionality

At this stage we:

  • Research product alternatives and competitors.
  • Identify competitors’ key functionality.
  • Determine target audience’s key behavioral patterns of competitor products.
  • Analyze competitor products deficiency.
  • Define product killer features.
  • Introduce mobile industry trends relevant for your target audience, yet untapped by competitors.

Discovery Phase implementation for the marketplace concept

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